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24 February 2011

Rosie's Wish List

....which are things she'll never be able to afford. But we won't dwell too much.
So here's the first thing, the almighty satchel! I still can't believe that I haven't bought a satchel yet, but I just felt that I couldn't find one that ticked all the boxes. But I think I've found the one! I reeeally like it, even though I always thought that I was after a completely leather one.
From Urban Outfitters, £44.

Also, I'm craving to take those dreamy snaps with this little beaut...
Diana F+ from various online sites, £70-ish

And, most of all, a new iPod! I have got a lot of artists (10 pages of!) that I want to be able to listen to without needing to go on the internet. I did have an iPod, but then my brother somehow 'adopted' it, but I need one with more memory anyway.
160gb iPod classic, £197. (^^I wouldn't listen to that, haha!)
I don't really care what it looks like or how 'up-to-date' it is, I just want one that will do the job, so this one seems good.

I'm trying to keep this post short, so I'm going to leave it there. Just realised they aren't exactly the most interesting things you see on a wish list, but there you go!

Have a good rest of week, 
Rosie. XXX