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19 February 2011

What a great day!

Sorry didn't mean to overload you guys on Thursday where I accidentally did a post straight after Hannah's! Never mind.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning I decided that today was the day! I was going to finish my art project once and for all...which I started 3 years ago! (I know, a bit embarrassing). I haven't actually spent that much time on it, it's just I hardly ever got round to continuing it. So I went onto the beach outside my house and collected the driest sand I could find, but it was hard because it was a very high tide last night! Well anyway, in case you're wondering, I needed the sand for this...

As you can see, it shouldn't have taken me anyway near 3 years!! It's supposed to look like the waves lapping against the sand- I hope you managed to gather that. I've collected the 'glass treasure' as me and my Dad call it from the beach over the years, and I thought it was about time I put it to some use.
I thought going on the beach would be a good photo opportunity too because it was such a lovely day. So I took my camera along, and snapped these...

It looks much better when I have it open in iPhoto for some reason, it looks quite sharp here. (On the left is a crab basket by the way, if you can't make it out).

When I got home and stuck my sand on, me and the fam went out with some friends for some afternoon tea. It was so cute! We quaintly drank tea (the best I've ever tasted) from the most amazing floral china teacups, equipped with equally adorable teapots, saucers, and milk jugs! The victoria sponge wasn't all that bad either! It was such a nice afternoon, I deeply recommend if you're a jersey bean to go and have the same- it's from Cooper's cafe in Grand Marche.
And then when I got home, I had a sudden longing to whip out the tripod! I have no idea why! So I set it up in my bedroom, and played around a bit...

Sporting my latest buy..BDG skirt from ASOS, £22 in the 70% off sale!

Sorry my post went on a bit, when I start I just can't stop! Hope all other 'still at school' people enjoyed their first day of half term...or would you say it actually starts on Monday? S'pose so.

Rosie XXX


  1. me encanta tu blog!! las fotos son muy bonitas!!


  2. love your blog, check out mine if you have time! XX

  3. Rosie - Thank-you for reminding us all how something as quintessentially English as afternoon tea served in real china cups using real leaf tea has the ability to stir a whole new generation. I hope we can revive the tradition in this fast paced world of ours

  4. no problem! it was a great afternoon :)