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05 February 2011

Floral bunting and a make shift dressing table.

Hello there!

As you read my 'bedroom post' and take a peek at the pictures, I think you'll realise I'm unfortunately not quite as crafty as the others! Nevertheless I still like my bedroom, I hope you do too....

Hope this isn't too freaky, but this is my beloved mask I bought in the Maldives! It was about the only thing that was actually cheap! ..ish.

Couldn't resist sneaking this picture in. I got this cute shoe ornament from the hospice barn charity shop- That place does everything!
How's that for a view huh! It's even nicer on those dry, sunny, summer days...but they're rare.

So if I was Hannah, I would have made my my own bunting, but instead I bought some off the Internet. It was £30 (I know!), but it's perfect!!

The make-shift dressing table! I rather like it, but I'm hoping I'll eventually get 'round to jazzing it up a bit. Any suggestions? I thought maybe I could use Hannah's plate smashing trick to decorate the edges of the mirror.

Hope you liked having a little peek around my bedroom. I was only meant to include 3 pictures, but the decisions were too hard! We might be selling our house in the next few years, and if so, I'm so excited to design my new bedroom! teehee. On a side note, I made the best fridge cake today, and guess what- I didn't measure out a thing! I just bunged in all the unhealthy things you could think of... just how baking should be.

Have a great rest of weekend.
Rosie xxxx


  1. i have given you an award please check it out!


  2. aww thank you so much! we love your blog too XXXX

  3. I forgot how much I used to love fridge cake, I might have to make some tomorrow. So simple but so good! The little shoe and that bunting are so cute, your room looks lovely xx

  4. Wow how nice post <3
    and amazing blog too :D:D
    please visit my blog too and follow me if you like
    xoxo natalia


  5. Emily: Yes it's my favourite!
    Thanks XXX
    Heroine Temptation: Thank you, we appreciate the feed back. XXX

  6. Love that little shoe and the bunting, precious!

  7. You have cute items in your room!! I love how you put little details all over it!!!
    Have a beautiful week

  8. Freesia: Thank you! I am a huge hoarder, and only recently did I have a huge clear out of lots of my 'stuff'. Glad to hear I kept the right things!
    Ariana: Thank you!