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17 February 2011

Pink icing, Hundreds and Thousands and a Sprinkling of Gold Dust

Dear Bloggers

I hadn't got a clue what to write about this week, so unfortunately you will have to listen to me rambling on about my day.
As I woke up this morning, I only really came to realize that I had my French GCSE in 3 hours.  Luckily, it went to plan and I'm crossing my fingers that I got a good result.
And so I came home to find a rather strange parcel addressed to my mum.  Selfishly, I opened the package to find that my mum had gone and bought herself a label machine...
My mum happens to be sooo organised so to get a machine that prints labels is a good as it gets...

As mum keenly went to set it up, I decided to make fairy cakes. I happen to know a recipe off by heart and the cakes were cooked to perfection...
UNTIL I came to ice them.  Lets just say, that I haven't mastered the art of icing yet, and boy did it go wrong.  I was trying to make them look like the fairy cakes in magazines, so I went for pink icing.  However, as I do, I always put way to much icing on, and it went everywhere.  But obviously I couldn't stop there, I decide that maybe putting a good helping of hundreds and thousands on may help.  Ok, maybe not.  Well, why not put so gold dust on, because that's really going to help...
oh dear, it only just came to me that the cakes look like some cakes that you make in nursery.  And I'm not exagerating...maybe next time i'll leave them as they are, poor fairy cakes.

Another creation on my wall at home!  Just make a letter out of cardboard a cover it with scraps of newspaper...very effective

Just one last thing!!! Since Rosie and Izzy both added songs in their blogs, I thought I might too!!

Have a great half term, whatever you're up to...
Lots of love
Hannah      xx

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