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23 February 2011

Wouldn't it be dreadful to live in a world without tea??

Hello for the second time!!  I hope you all enjoyed Rosie and I's joint post on Monday to fill in for Izzy.
Yesterday, I enjoyed a girls day out with one of my friends.  There's nothing like chatting in a coffee shop for hours whilst warming our hands around the mugs of our chai latte's (I thoroughly reccomend this drink)!!!  After that, I couldn't resist but having a peep in the charity shops.  Surprisingly I found this lovely skirt, it was quite long though so I'm going to take it up, that's another job for me to do!!  I can't wait to finish the skirt so I can add it to my ever growing s/s wardrobe...Whilst looking through one charity shop, I saw a cute little mannequin which would have been perfect for put my clothes on when they need sewing. And so I took it to the counter only to find out that it wasn't for sale...VERY embarrassing!!
After that, we went to have our hair cut.  I decided to go for a small side fringe with relaxed layers throughout.  I was really impressed, so for any of you who are looking for a good hair salon, I definitely recommend Toni and Guy in town.
Soon my friend and I parted and I decided to have some me time in town myself.  So, I bought a copy of Elle magazine, bought myself yet another cup of tea to go and sat on a bench in the royal square and read my magazine.  It just goes to show that treating yourself doesn't have to cost a fortune...

And so to today.  I got up super early and did 4 hours, yes, 4 hours of revision.  I got stuck in and did it.  Once my revision was over, I treated myself to a tasty bacon and lettuce sandwich (with tomato sauce obviously).

And thats about it!!
I literally can't squeeze anything else out of my brain...so what ever you're up to this half term...treat yourself!!! You deserve it...

Lots of love
                        Hannah xxx

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  1. those coffee cups are so cute, glad you had a lovely day :)

    check out my blog http://hazzaapee.blogspot.com/

    Hannah xxx