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08 February 2011

pretty little things...

Just a quick one this week...
Here goes another week of fabulous posting!!!  This week I've decided to go with earring's.  Since I got them pierced a few weeks ago, I've started to look for earring's literally EVERYWHERE I look.  I have even started comparing everyone's earring's in the street!  I'm so glad that I had them done with Izzy and Rosie around me, or I would have never had got them done.

These cute earring's are from Topshop...

Here are some more fun ones! New Look...

But obviously I'll definitely be buying these very soon...

...If I want to pay around £5.3 million pounds for it!!!

And just a quick note, Rosie, Izzy and I will be going to London on Sunday for an Indoor Athletics Competition...Wish us luck!!!

Hannah           xx


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  2. thanks -we now follow you -loving the blog ! :) X

  3. all earring are awesome! but i love the ones with unicor! super cute!