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12 February 2011

Daydream day.

I'll admit, I haven't actually stepped out the house today...but I have been surprisingly productive you know!
I've done all my homework (okay, most of it) and done some piano practise, and I've repainted my nails! -And other bits and bobs. Although unfortunately, I for some strange reason decided to paint my nails a kind of 'granny colour' which is hideous, I'm leaving revision to tomorrow's plane journey's AND I was meant to do clarinet practise not piano practise.
Ohhh...not so productive. Well anyway, I've enjoyed cuddling up in everything cashmere I own and eating a monstrous amount of carrot cake. Plus, I'm getting a bit nervous for tomorrow- For the red eye flight as well as the athletics competition!

Enough of my babbling, here's a cute picture and a cute song.

Not sure if any of us will be posting on Monday, but if not, happy Valentine's day! I'll be single again, but don't worry I'm quite accustom to it! (image from we heart it).

I found these french siblings when they were mentioned in Vogue a couple of months ago. Shame they've only got one song on YouTube.

Wish me Hannah and Izzy luck for our competition tomorrow, I think we'll need it!

Rosie XXX


  1. Very cute picture yes :)

    Good luck to you!


  2. thanks, we had a great day! very tired now though. XX

  3. So what was the 'granny' nail polish color? Dying to know so I don't repeat the same mistake :-)

  4. oh hehe, well it's like a metallicy wine colour, but it just reminded me so badly when I put it on, of the shade of my granny's lipstick she wears! It's from Primark but it doesn't have a name.. I don't think I'll purchase it again!.. XXX