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27 February 2011

Just to say...

I have finally purchased a satchel! Although not the one from my wish list, I changed my mind at the last moment. This is the one I've just bought:
From urbanoutfitters.co.uk £48.
It was so hard to choose between this one and the other one, thankfully Hannah was at hand!



  1. This is lovely xxx


  2. Aah I love it<3, so jealous!xx

  3. this is soo cute, ps where do you edit your photos (post below)

    and follow me! :)

  4. Well in my last post i didn't actually edit the photos, hehe :)
    but i normally just use iPhoto because i have a Macbook, and will use Picnik when I want to edit them a bit better.
    I keep meaning to get around to teaching myself how to use photoshop, maybe I'll remember one day!
    Thanks for following, we're now following you too XXX

  5. If you want to edit your photos a GREAT website is www.picnik.com and it's easy to use for people like me who don't know how to get and ipod off shuffle.. Hannah xxx