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25 February 2011

Why hello there!!

Why hello there!! The half term week is nearly over, yet it has gone by so quickly...
I've recently really gone into photography alongside my sewing.
Ever since I got a Fujifilm Camera, I'm constantly taking photo's of everything and everything.  I also found a really good website to edit my photo's!! Here's some I took earlier...

My London Bus keyring
Tape measure

As well as taking pictures I have to say my sewing skills have dramatically improved since my mum drew the sewing machine out of the loft!!!  I've done so many things with it including making a red riding hood costume for Izzy and making Rosie a cushion.
If you read my last blog post, I said that I bought a skirt from a charity shop.  It was way to big for me and the length was down to the floor, so it took it up and drew the elastic into the waist.  I finally finished it and I'm so pleased with the result.
I thought I needed a new school bag, so why not make my own!!  I hadn't got a clue what the handle should be, so I got a belt from the hospice charity shop and made it into the handle.  It's great!!  I don't have a picture of the bag, but I'm sure i'll get a picture in my next blog.

Just one last thing, I had a lovely time out with Rosie today.  We went to Bean and around the world coffee shop and had a huge mug of chai latte whilst wondering how tanned Izzy's got in south africa.
I hope you enjoy the last few days of your half term!!!
    Hannah   xx


  1. What website do you use to edit your photos? :)
    I'm following, check out my blog

    Hannah xxx

  2. love bean around the world, think i might have to try a chai latte, have heard they are lovely!


  3. You must try chair latte! They perfectly compiment you on a really good day...especially if you've got a sweet tooth
    Oh, and the website is www.picnik.com. It's a really good website and it's soo easy to use. Check it out...
    Hannah xx