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17 February 2011

On the fashion radar.

Hi bloggers!
I love this time of year clothing-wise, because you're just finding out what fashion trends are going to hit the catwalk in time for the summer season, and can't wait to squeeze into some shorts and sandals again! I'm not as impressed with this year's s/s collection as I have been with previous ones, but I've still spotted a few things. I LOVE Chanel's St.Tropez collection, here are some of my favourites:

Doesn't this photo just make 
you lust for summer!
I also love Marc Jacobs collection, like this little gem...
It's much more on the autumn/spring side than the Chanel collection, and I love the whole country bumpkin look!
I also like this Alexander McQueen outfit, it's so chic! Although the fact that all their models look like ice queens makes the outfits hard to picture looking nice on a...normal looking person!

..And trust Prada to bring Willy Wonka to the catwalk!

I'm also liking Erdem, Proenza Schouler and Derek Lam at the moment.

Fashion trends that are predicted:

  • Crochet and Lace- YAYYYY! I'm a lace rather than leather girl! ;)
  • 70's glamour- Well it's not often that I get really dressed up, so the word 'glamour' normally washes over me, but I'm keen on the idea of elegant blouses. I can't control my addiction to blouses and shirts these days..ahh well.
  • Stripes - Thank God. When I don't know what to wear, I just stick on a striped top and denim shorts...sorted!
  • Clogs- I still can't make up my mind about these. I think they can look great, but are often put with wrong outfits.
  • Wide leg and bellbottom pants- Personally, I have a huge pet hate against any sort of trouser or jean that flares, but that's just me.
So what are you liking or looking forward to at the moment? I've finally caught up with my homework and revision just in time for half term, so I think I'll invest in some magazines and build up an idea of what my spring wardrobe staples are going to be. And, I'm definitely due a charity shop hunt so I'll squeeze some of those in too.

Have a great weekend, Rosie XXX


  1. Great post, the Praga glasses are fab! x

  2. Ahhh am bored of clogs.. they're so ugly.
    BUT AM SO EXCITED for crochet, I've already stocked up on black and white crochet cardigans
    It would be mine

  3. hmm, yes i kinda agree.
    oh same! crochet is my favourite, it goes with so much. I have a cute crochet bag i just picked up recently from a charity shop for £2, can't wait to show it off a bit !