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10 February 2011

Charity shop rambles..

Wellll haven't i been busy over the last few weeks ...BUT theres nothing like a little bit of posting to relax you. I have been frantically window shoppping anywhere and everywhere these last few weeks trying to gather some spring looks together Even though its only February. Well anyway last weekend I took a trip to my local hospice shop ,it really is one of my favourite shops where you can find anything anything and everything at a bargain price so anyway here's a few bargains i picked up ...
This is a cardigan i picked up for a bargain price of £2 ! i really like its french feel and it goes with literally anything.
This is the jacket mentioned in an earlier post and altered by the lovely Hannah -its Nicole Fahri which is usually very expensive -i picked it up for only £3-another bargain!
This last buy was big splurge i must admit -its a Cath Kidston Satchel and i've wanted one for ages.last weekend i finally fulfilled my wish !-its very practical and i absolutely adore it !
What spring bargains have you picked up?
Izzy XXX


  1. Thrifting is absolutely amazing.
    Omg bag jealousy, can I have it please?


  2. very cool and trendy look!

    and great polka dot bag! so adorable!