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15 February 2011

'If i wait for a holiday...'

Only 3 more days left until half term and i think everyone is in need of a break. In 3 days time I'll be jetting of to sunny South Africa and i can't wait. I'm sure everyone knows how daunting and stressful packing and travelling can be . But no fear bloggers Izzy is here to offer her travel tips ....
1. Luggage -I'll start with a nice basic ,a good hardy suitcase is the base of any well planned trip -mine is a flowery Roxy suitcase and has lasted me many a journey across the world. Spend some money on a good one that will last you forever.
These Vintage looking lovelies are one one hundred and eighty pounds from Streamlineluggae.co.uk which does a great collection of luggage for fashion concious travellers.
2. Comfort. -After many years of overnight flights i have learnt my lesson and always travel in my comfiest clothes and flattest comfiest shoes(i always wear my trusty Toms! ) . If your are a clothes obsessive and insist on bringing a second outfit make sure its something versatile and mutual -blinding airport security with your outfit is never a good idea. If you are a light sleeper I recommend some relaxation oils (tee tree and lavender are always good ) and a sleep mask is a definite.
Toms - a true wardrobe classic ! 32 pounds from office.co.uk
3.Toiletries - Feeling fresh when you travel is a must, who wants to be smelly after a 12 hour flight ? If your like me and won't travel anywhere without your makeup bag invest in pocket sized essentials of things like deodorant and toothpaste. If you want to downsize your hand luggage make up bag do but don't scrimp on your essentials!

How cute ! -make up bag 12 pounds from notonthehighstreet.co.uk
4. Music -this is an essential for me ,nothing like a good tune to help holiday nerves ! My current i-pod fave  is vampire weekends album contra . I just can't get enough of them !
5. Last but not least Preparation,preparation,preparation - I seem to have developed the freakish ability from my mum to pack for every situation - i have been known to pack breath spray on an athletics trip ( this for me is an essential shame Rosie didn't quite agree ..) .Remember to always leave yourself a good period of time to pack ,no-one likes a night before packing panic!

Whatever you do or wherever you go have a great half term bloggers-I'll see you soon ! :)

Izzy XXX

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