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27 February 2011

Can't wait for school.. *hint sarcasm*

Where did half term go! Knowing that I never have any time during school term, I started and finished my latest art project in almost a day. So chuffed! You may remember from my bedroom post (here) that I mentioned jazzing my big dressing table mirror up a bit..so that's exactly what I did! When me and Hannah went to the Hospice Shop on Monday, I picked up a really pretty china plate covered in a beautiful oriental pattern. So what did I do? Smashed it up and stuck it round my mirror! We had to take the mirror down to do it though, so that's where the main kerfuffle came in! Here is the outcome..

What d'ya think? The pictures don't show it off very clearly, but you get the idea. I would love to know of any things like this you do, I'm always looking for new ideas. I'm now working on my next little arty project, keeps me busy! Maybe I will do a post on it when it's finished...
Have a nice rest of Sunday and Monday (if that's possible). I'm off to enjoy my Sunday Roast!

Rosie XXX


  1. wow, that's lovely!!
    love the blog, am now following ;) XXX