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21 February 2011

Rosie and Hannah's grand day out!

Today your lucky enough to have a joint post! How exciting ;) Seeing as Izzy is still away in South Africa having an utterly fab time, we thought we should fill in! We had an outing together to the hospice shop in St.Ouen, and came back with a number of goodies! Here's Rosie's...

'Loch Lomond' knit jumper, unlabelled silk scarf, and unlabelled dotty hat with a bow around it.
'East' velvet shirt, china plate for one of my upcoming art projects, and 'Crabtree & Evelyn' wash bag.

And Hannah's buys!...

 'W&H' silk shirt and pearl brooch.

Two pretty wooden photo frames, a china teacup and saucer, all for arty purposes too!

We had great rummage in the charity shop and picked up some great things, but to top it off, we then had lunch at El Tico beach cafe. So lovely! Hope you guys are having a nice Monday- We certainly did!

Love from Rosie AND Hannah.


  1. thanks :)
    although they have to be tucked in because otherwise they go down to our knees! XX